Kids Have Too Much Energy – Ideas To Help Them Burn It Off

How many times a day do you watch your little one run around and wish that you had that kind of energy? Kids have much more energy than they need each day, so they need your help to burn off some of that excess energy before bedtime. How do you keep a little one active enough to burn off all of the energy without running yourself ragged? Here, you will get a few great ideas that will help.

Kids' Dance Classes

Many young boys and girls can barely stop themselves from bouncing to the beat when they hear music. Why not use that desire and give your little one a place to burn energy and actually learn how to dance. Kids' dance classes (available at studios like Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts) will do so much more than just help your kids burn off excess energy. The benefits of dance include:

  • Fitness and Strength – dance classes will help your child develop his or her muscles, increase flexibility, and manage a healthy body weight all while having fun.
  • Enhance motor skills – learning dance moves and techniques will help your kids' muscles learn coordination, balance and fluidity.
  • Self-confidence – as your little one masters a new dance step, he or she will be filled with pride. This will help to boost your kids' self-confidence beyond the dance floor as he or she experiences successes.
  • Discipline – anytime a kid has to follow instructions, it instills a level of discipline that can be used at home, in the classroom and throughout life.    

At-Home Fun

Between dance classes, your kids will have a lot of time to keep active through. So, what can you do outside of class to keep your kids active? Well, these activities can help you keep the kids up off of their seats inside the house while the weather outside is not perfect for play.

Balloons, a cardboard tube out of your paper towel roll and some pillows on the floor is all that you need to have some indoor fun that will burn a lot of energy for your child while not running you ragged. Set up some pillows on the floor to form a baseball diamond. Give your kids a paper towel roll to use as a bat and pitch the kids some balloons for baseballs. When the balloon is hit, the kids run the bases like they would as if it were baseball.

Indoor trampolines don't take up a whole lot of space, but they do burn up a whole lot of energy. Use duct tape to put letters, numbers, shapes or colors on the surface of the trampoline and have your kids jump on the letter, number, shape or color that you call out. This will not only burn energy, but help get them ready for school.

Finding fun ways to keep your kids active will not only make bedtime easier, but it will help improve their overall health and wellness. Get creative and explore the many ways to keep your kids active indoors and out.