Date Ideas When Your Girlfriend Complains You’re Not Creative Enough

If your girlfriend has been complaining that you're not creative enough and she wants you to take her out and do interesting things, you might be clueless as to what to do. You might like sitting at home and watching Netflix, and she probably does too, but not all the time. You need to think up some creative ways to keep her entertained. A great way to do this is to sign up for some sort of class. This way you have a number of dates lined up and you don't have to think up multiple different ideas. Just pick one of these classes, which are great for couples, and then you will have a bunch of future dates lined up. Here are three choices.

Cooking Class

Is she the type of girl who loves watching the cooking channel? Does she bug you to stay home and cook dinner? Are you the type who would like to know how to cook, but feel intimidated in the kitchen? Well, then, cooking class is a fantastic choice. You can sign the two of you up for a class and learn basic cooking technique. If you have a particular type of cooking you would like to learn, then all the better. You can learn how to cook Italian, or Indian. You can even take baking classes if she is the type who likes making cookies and cakes and is always admiring the fancy pastries that you see in bakery windows.

Painting Class

This one is fun, but make sure to pick a class that is geared towards couples and people looking to have a good time, and not one that is a serious art class (unless you think she would like that). There are art classes that are very relaxed and designed for people who are not in art school, but would still like to learn how to paint. You can find one that focuses on still life, or you can find art classes with life models. You might want to check with her about her comfort level because some classes with life models will have nudity. Some local museums will have classes, as will many colleges that offer classes to non-students.

Dance Class

If your girlfriend is also bugging you to go dancing, but you feel like you don't have the moves, then dance classes are perfect. You won't be in a nightclub, afraid that you'll look like a fool. You will be in a classroom with lots of other people who also don't know how to dance. You can pick any type of dance, but it would be a good idea to figure out what type of music and dancing she likes. If she loves Latin music, then obviously salsa dancing is a great class. But if she hates noisy, crowded clubs and can't stand reggaetón or salsa music, then it's not a good choice. You might prefer to sign up for a ballroom dance class. This will help you and her learn the waltz, and other dances that are popular at formal events. That way the two of you will look great dancing at the next wedding you go to together.